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perksofbeingadoucher: I'll check flicker, but definitely put them up if you can. Do you know if he's gonna go to Portland or if he even has a chance at staying at Arizona?

Okay. As of right now he’s playing on team b. Final cuts have yet to be made

perksofbeingadoucher: Do you have any more Selleck pictures?

Yeah there should be some on my Flickr account! If not I’ll throw a few up when I get home.

_MG_0902 on Flickr. Oliver Ekman-Sassman? Saved by papa Vermette

oliviaekman-larsson said: Can you snap a few of OEL? 😊

Oliver and my camera quite agree with each other so it shouldn’t be an issue :)

petitereveries answered: I’m with Jenny on the whole taking pictures of Domi!
Domi is a must then :)

alyeska18 said: Gingerbread loooool but also McKenna bcuz daaayyyuuummmm
Oh how we’ve missed the gingerbread man ;) hopefully McKenna will be on our side for some of it because there’s 3 goalies in that group!